Common Rookie Mistakes In Poker To Avoid

Common Rookie Mistakes In Poker To Avoid

So you’ve decided to play some Poker, but aren’t that familiar with the game. The good news is that Poker is a ton of fun, with plenty of opportunity to make a bit of cash. The bad news is that Poker is a far trickier game than it seems. Given that Poker is skill based, there is plenty to learn, plenty to understand, and many newbie mistakes to overcome.

Don’t worry, here is a list of common newbie Poker player mistakes to avoid. If you steer clear of these mistakes you’re already on the road to being a better player. Just remember; play safe, play smart, and always keep careful track of your funds.

Don’t Play Too Many Hands

Yes, Poker is a slow game. Or at least it can be. If you keep getting lousy hand after lousy hand, you might be tempted to play one of those lousy hands. Don’t, it will only drain away your cash. It can seem liking you’re being boring, folding time and time again. But you simply need to endure the downswings. You are going to get streaks of bad hands, and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Poker is a game of striking at the right time, and that time isn’t when you have nothing to bet on. Most pro players don’t bet unless they have, at the very minimum, a pair of jacks. Learn from them, bide your time, and don’t jump the gun.

Don’t Be Afraid To Fold

Whether you’re playing Video Poker, at a live casino online, or with a group of friends, you can’t be afraid to fold. Maybe you’ve put down a few bets, and now feel compelled to keep betting. It is a mistake. The sunk cost fallacy is dangerous in Poker, and the road to drained bankroll. If you’ve got a feeling you’re being bluffed, or are sceptical about your hand holding up, fold.

Being afraid of folding is a rookie player’s biggest mistake, and a hurdle that must be overcome quickly. At least, it must be overcome if you want to be a pro player.

Don’t Get Emotional

You don’t see pros get emotional, breaking down, and making stupid mistakes, right? Be equally in control if you want to be a pro. Getting emotional is a big mistake, leading to bad decision making and inevitably a drained bankroll. Always be calm, always think things through, and only bet with a clear head.

If you feel you are getting emotional simply excuse yourself, take a breather, and come back later.

Adjust To Your Opponents

You need to keep in mind that Poker is about adjustments. Since you are playing against other humans you must, without question, adjust to the situation. You need to learn how your opponents play, take note of their habits, and adjust.

The biggest difference between a pro and amateur player is that, without question, a pro is playing against opponents, not statistics. Beating the cards is one thing, beating opponents something else entirely.

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