Presenting BC.GAME’s New Brand Ambassador: Get to Know More About It

Presenting BC.GAME’s New Brand Ambassador: Get to Know More About It

2022 has been a boom in tech innovation for Brazil and its population. Regulatory frameworks for iGaming, sports betting, and crypto has been laid out and established, further paving the way for opportunities for gaming ventures to enter the scene.

BC.GAME has a perfect way of introducing its presence to this already booming and trending casino space, and having a collaboration with one of its iconic personalities is a strong suit for them. Check out who they have partnered with and the strategies they plan to share with this article.

BC.GAME and Its Brazilian Presence

Brazil has been rising in the number of interested participants in the online casino scene. Audiences have been seen opting to play crypto casinos due to the strong presence of the trend there. The online casino industry has superb accessibility and excellent security. Brazil and its population have also been enjoying the culture of sports betting.

BC.GAME is rightful to involve itself in the Brazilian scene as many of its brand’s direction is headed towards what the already present community has welcomed. The market in Brazil is continuously reaching more audiences, especially now that BC.GAME has established a strong presence and foundation in this country with its offerings, such as online and crypto casinos and blockchain activities.

David Luiz and BC.GAME: A Perfect Combination

The brand new partnership and collaboration of BC.GAME with one of Brazil’s prominent athletes and well-known football players is a great and stand-out strategy for them. Through David Luiz’s credentials and popularity as a football player, they can now better promote what they can offer to their target market.

David Luiz promotes the crypto casino’s brand via social media and live-streaming platforms. This way, BC.GAME can expand its network and further its venture in the Brazilian community. Having the strategy of content creation, entertainment, and interactive live forums, BC.GAME ensures that Luiz will be at the forefront of every promotional agenda and advertising for this crypto casino brand.

David Luiz Marinho is from Diadema, Brazil, and is a professional football player from the Flamengo Team. He is an LPFP Primeira Liga Player of the Year and has a FIFA Confederations cup title, along with 2 FA Cups.


It is a licensed online crypto casino platform with games, live casinos, and even sports betting events online. BC.GAME is the first-ever casino that has supported lightning networks, further revolutionizing the casino industry and blockchain technology.

They have won awards such as “Crypto Casino Of The Year’’ from the 2022 Sigma Awards and formed partnerships with the Argentine Football Association (AFA) and Cloud9.

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