What is Bongo’s Bingo?

What is Bongo’s Bingo?

When you ask most people what they think is the most popular gambling game on the planet we’re pretty sure they would answer with something like online slots or roulette, however the truth may well surprise you. Obviously casino gambling is outrageously popular in the 21st century, but many people forget about the dark horse of the industry – bingo. Oh yes, that’s right, bingo is played by far more people than you might think at first, especially considering the varying demographics that it can appeal too. 

Just think about it: most of us would have played bingo at least once during school, albeit not for any financial reasons, but more for educational help. This means that the vast majority of the population are already well acquainted with bingo, which subsequently results in people playing it in all kinds of scenarios. In the 21st century there has been a dramatic rise in people offering specialised bingo for young adults too, and Bongo’s Bingo is one of the most popular games at Barbados Bingo. Keep reading for an article on Bongo’s Bingo. 

A summary of what Bongo’s Bingo is all about 

So, what even is Bongo’s Bingo? Judging by the name it immediately seems pretty exciting, however other than the fact that it is something to do with bingo there aren’t that many clues as to exactly what Bongo’s Bingo is. Well, in the 21st century there has been a rise in bingo club nights aimed at the younger generation, and Bongo’s Bingo is one of the originators of this concept. 

Have you ever wished that your local bingo hall could be a bit more exciting? Complete with music, dancing and a variety of fun bingo games? Bongo’s Bingo is exactly this, a bingo provider that seeks to make things as exiting as possible. In their own words – “it’s a crazy mix of traditional bingo, dance-offs, rave intervals, audience participation and countless magical moments”. 

The history of Bongo’s Bingo 

The Bongo’s Bingo company has had a meteoric rise to fame since it was established in 2015, with it becoming hugely popular in little more than 5 years. The story starts in Liverpool, where two friends Jonny Lacey and Joshua Burke had the idea to create a bingo centred club night in the Baltic Triangle district just for a laugh if anything else. 

The concept very quickly caught on in Liverpool, with Bongo’s Bingo nights selling out very quickly after they were launched. This led to the team behind the events growing in size, until they were booking established artists such as Vengaboys and David Hasselhoff. Since then Bongo’s Bingo have spread across the country, selling out venues across the UK with their unique brand of bingo centred fun and games. 

Where can I play Bongo’s Bingo? 

In fact, Bongo’s Bingo have become so successful that they aren’t just selling out venues around the UK, but the rest of the world. There are over 42 cities that currently play home to Bongo’s Bingo, with many more expected to follow suit.

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