About Bingo and Slots

About Bingo and Slots

When you are playing bingo online, you want to have fun, but most of all, you will want to win the best jackpots available.  There are many sites offering jackpots, but whist some jackpots are less than £100 each time, there are other sites that offer up to and above £1000 if you win, and the tickets for these sites only cost a few pennies too.

888 ladies offers players over £1500 for the jackpot on their 75 ball bingo games and on the 90 ball games, you can win over £2500.  This is great, when you consider that the tickets for these games only cost around £0.25 to £0.50 each.  The site is fun to use and you can make friends on the site too.  You can use the site any time of the day and find the bingo rooms to be busy, meaning that the site can offer these kinds of jackpots, and you will not need to wait for long for the games to start.  These are some of the highest jackpots in Bingo sites that you can find online.

Jackpot joy is probably the place where you will find the highest jackpots in Bingo sites.  If you scoop the jackpot on jackpot joy, you could win up to £45,000!  There are several different games, which offer different jackpot amounts for each different game.  The games that offer about £1000 as a jackpot are the Bonanza 90, Tiki 90, cloud 90, Emerald 90 and Price is right 90 games. 

The gold 75 game offers you up to about £5000 if you win.  All these prizes are highly favorable to win, but none of these come close to the emerald 90 game, which is the game you need to be playing in order to be able to win the largest jackpot on the site.  When you make your first £10 deposit on the site, you can get £30 back.  You can play group bingo games, which is a great version of bingo that you can play with your online friends.  As well as the great jackpots that you can win on the bingo side of jackpot joy, there are other games such as casino games and slots that you can play on the other jackpot joy sites and use the same account that you use to play your jackpot joy bingo with.

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